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The exhibition “Singular” showcases the work of seven jewellers who explore bespoke jewellery from unique perspectives, underscoring each piece’s uniqueness. Their creations delve into storytelling, technique research, material knowledge, and form exploration, showcasing diverse narratives and meanings in everyday jewellery. Reflecting on bespoke jewellery, its impact on personal identity is highlighted, contributing beyond to preserving cultural and traditional jewellery heritage. This blend of old and new fosters a harmonious collaboration, evident in both craftsmanship and conceptual, aesthetic approaches.

Catarina launched Catarina Nordeste Joalharia (CNJ), driven by her passion for creation and her desire to explore various jewellery techniques, enriched by her learning experiences in London. This international exposure broadened her perspective, evident in her unique pieces, ranging from modern minimalism to organic complexity, each piece communicating her distinct artistic intent.

Catarina Nordeste’s “Raw Classics” merges traditional styles with modernity. The rings, inspired by classic designs, are innovatively set with raw rubies. The “When two become one” bracelets, doubling as necklaces, pay homage to heritage and the passage of time, underscoring the value of preserving and repurposing the old.

Catarina’s “Moon” collection, inspired by the phrase “I Love you to the moon and back”, features unique jewellery pieces marked by a duality of textures and geometric shapes. The collection showcases refined minimalism and introduces “EntreLinhas”, highlighting elegance with glimpses of skin through the metal. Both collections combine modern aesthetics with a commitment to sustainability.

In “Singulares”, Catarina showcases the essence of CNJ by merging tradition with innovation and sustainability. Her creations serve as a manifesto of her artistic vision, emphasizing uniqueness, personal stories, and environmental ethics, thereby reflecting her brand’s progressive and conscious spirit.

Dörte, founder of ComCeito, found her jewellery calling in Portugal, influenced by the cultural diversity of Lisbon, the Azores, and Germany. The discovery of an ancient glass bead in Évora inspired her artistic approach, leading to the founding of ComCeito in 2009, which is now preparing to embark on a new chapter in Minho.

Dorte’s glass jewellery stands out for its symbols of faith and hope. These creations echo a deep sense of solidarity and comfort, capturing the essence of isolation times and the universality of human support. Each piece acts as a tangible reminder that we are not alone, anchoring the promise that things will improve.

Creations with glass from Lauscha and Murano display intense colors, meticulously mixed. Dörte has crafted her mathematical game, reflecting on the long human tradition of play and fun — elements deeply woven into our culture — while exploring the connection between ‘jocale’, Latin for ‘game’, and the essence of the word jewellery.

In the “Singulares” exhibition, Dörte shows that each piece of jewellery is more than just an object of beauty but a bearer of meaning and a celebration of the art of jewellery, blending tradition and innovation. Her work fosters an ongoing dialogue between the past and the present, aligning with the exhibition’s theme of uniqueness in expression through jewellery.

Photography by CJLX

Exhibition only – not for sale.

Eva Nunes, born in Santarém in 1976, was raised in a world of non-digital hacking, driven by her grandparents’ curiosity. Her career is defined by the constant experimentation with diverse materials, which she skilfully transforms and melds, conveying her unique vision through jewellery.

Her collection, “EvilEve’s little treasure”, serves as a personal expression of her alter-ego, EvilEve. This collection embodies the duality of fear and fascination, blending the familiar with the unusual, integrating metal with the whiskers of her pet, Edgar.

Eva’s jewellery transcends mere aesthetics, becoming physical embodiments of personal stories. They delve into themes of fear, safety, and imagination, bridging Eva’s unique experiences with universal emotions. Through her work, Eva encourages deep contemplation, leading audiences through realms of reality and fantasy, fostering self-exploration and personal discovery, in line with the exhibition’s unique spirit.

Filipe Caracol, based in Lisbon, began his journey in jewellery in 1978, learning artisanal techniques in various workshops and studios across the capital. Educated in drawing by the National Society of Fine Arts and possessing a refined aesthetic vision, Caracol established his own studio in 1987, where he began crafting his own collections.

The jewellery Caracol presents in the ‘Singulares’ exhibition belongs to the ‘Cities’ collection, inspired by various metropolises around the world. Each piece pays homage to the unique characteristics of each city, reflecting their geography, architecture, and human dynamism.

Inspired by cities from charming to cosmopolitan, this collection showcases cultural diversity and the unique allure of each locale, bringing a global perspective to contemporary jewellery. In this light, Caracol’s pieces narrate stories, connecting individuals to places and memories.

In ‘Singulares’, Filipe Caracol’s work embodies the exhibition’s core theme: exploration and discovery through jewellery art. His pieces invite reflection on how cities shape our identities and experiences, serving as bridges between different realms, and celebrating the interplay between individuality and urban settings, past and present, and the artisan and bespoke jewellery, resonating deeply with the ‘Singulares’ spirit.

Magda Sá, with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Porto, turns her scientific knowledge into art, crafting unique jewellery pieces that reflect a harmonious blend of concept and technique. In her studio, she not only brings to life pieces that push the boundaries of traditional design but also fosters the future of jewellery art by offering courses focused on innovative techniques with renowned artists.

The pendant ‘Camélia’, inspired by the ‘Enamel Art Jam’, showcases Magda Sá’s enthusiasm for learning and exploring the traditional jewellery technique of cloisonné enamelling. She delves into symmetry and natural forms, contemplating the human scale against the cosmic vastness. This piece demonstrates an intimate connection between the micro and the macro, linking nature with the expanse of the galaxies.

The ‘Narciso’ pendant serves as a testament to beauty discovered unexpectedly, emerging from an exercise in chiseling that led to an unforeseen exploration of this ancient technique. It’s a celebration of art born from the process, where excess material becomes the backdrop for a narcissus figure, symbolizing the finding of beauty in imperfection.

Magda Sá, in her quest to refine and learn new techniques while infusing meaning and beauty, mirrors the ‘Singulares’ spirit. She reaffirms bespoke jewellery as a realm of individual expression, innovation, and respect for tradition, thereby bridging the old with the new.

Lázaro Bonixe, educated at António Arroio Secondary School and mentored by artist Valentim Quaresma, is an emerging talent in Portuguese jewellery. With a self-taught and innovative approach, Bonixe merges geometric precision with organic fluidity, drawing inspiration from nature’s complex forms and fungi macrophotography, challenging the norms of his craft.

“Flowerbed” merges the intricate beauty of Valencia’s ornate doors with the organic elegance of a blooming garden. This silver creation symbolizes rich cultural heritage and natural charm, encapsulating both tradition and innovation in one piece.

Bonixe introduces a set consisting of a necklace and a bracelet, inspired by the serpent’s fluid and captivating form. These pieces celebrate the graceful movements and seductive beauty of this enigmatic creature, embodying empowerment, allure, and the eternal cycle of renewal.

Bonixe’s work resonates with the central theme of tradition and innovation, deeply linking jewellery art with the natural world. His pieces, rich in narrative and detail, encourage reflection on the intersection of culture, nature, and personal identity, thus reflecting the innovative and exploratory spirit of ‘Singulares’.

Exhibition only – not for sale.

Lluís Comín Vilajosana began his jewellery journey in Barcelona, shaped by his father’s legacy and honed at the Escola Massana and through Gemology studies. His approach merges skill and vision, challenging aesthetic standards and blending the old with the new.

In the series ‘La Montaña Mágica’ and ‘Ithaca’, Comín draws upon nature and myths, capturing the essence of mountains and Odysseus’s journey in jewellery that reflects life, pursuit, and universal connection, showcasing a blend of modern design aesthetics and traditional jewellery-making techniques.

Through ‘Reconstrucciones’, Comín engages with the past, layering time and memory, and in ‘Perdidos’, he seeks the essence of identity and reinvention. Across his work, a curiosity and a desire for aesthetic innovation shine through as he explores different materials.

In the ‘Singulares’ exhibition, Comín’s works prompt introspection and transformation, blending tradition with innovation. His collections underscore personal growth and evolution, mirroring the artist’s legacy and vision. Comín harmonizes past and present, individuality and universality, emphasizing the essence and development of bespoke jewellery.

The “Singulares” exhibition celebrated individuality and expression through bespoke jewellery, uniting seven artisans with distinct visions. It highlighted each jeweller’s skills and fostered rich dialogue among different techniques, materials, and stories. By examining tradition and innovation, “Singulares” delved into authenticity and sustainability in contemporary art, prompting visitors to deeply contemplate identity, culture, and nature’s connection.