Embrace the extraordinary in the ordinary with “Awakening” Ceramic Sculpture. A moment of vulnerability transformed into art. Visit Galeria Resistência.


Step into the realm of the ordinary turned extraordinary with the “Awakening” Ceramic Sculpture, a masterful creation by artist Jaime Carvalho. Crafted from unglazed ceramic, this sculpture offers an intimate glimpse into a mundane yet profoundly human moment.

The sculpture captures a man in the midst of awakening, his pose a blend of comfort and vulnerability. Emerging from slumber, he stretches his body, toes curling with the motion. The yawn that escapes his lips echoes the duality of his state – a moment of both a physical release and a gateway to the new day.

Jaime’s artistic brilliance lies in his ability to elevate the everyday to a form of art. In “Awakening”, the portrayal of the man’s minimal attire, only wearing his snug underwear, underscores the intimacy of the scene. It invites us to witness the most private and unguarded moments we all experience at the start of each day.

Beyond the surface, this sculpture carries layers of symbolism. The stretching and curling of toes evoke the innate need to embrace the day, to rouse ourselves from restful inertia. As the man yawns, a subtle reminder of the passage of time emerges, marking the transition from night to day.

With a keen eye for detail, “Awakening” not only captures the universal experience of morning rituals but also prompts introspection. The vulnerability, the simplicity, and the humanness of the moment unite in a singular portrayal that resonates with viewers.

Despite being a small-scale sculpture, the “Awakening” Ceramic Sculpture stands as a tribute to the unremarkable yet beautiful moments that define our lives. A testament to the artistry of everyday existence. This sculpture invites you to explore the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

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Dimensions 12 × 10 × 35 cm