Explore the complex dialogue of vulnerability and strength with “Democracy” ceramic and copper sculpture. Jaime Carvalho’s evocative artwork captures the essence of democracy. Visit Galeria Resistência.


Delve into the profound narrative of “Democracy,” a masterful ceramic gres and copper sculpture by visionary artist Jaime Carvalho. This evocative piece transcends artistic expression, encapsulating a powerful concept through a fragile and dynamic form.

At the heart of the sculpture stands a woman, figurative and naked, bearing a copper spear. This compelling portrayal represents democracy itself—a warrior, a symbol of strength and vulnerability. Her posture conveys weariness and defence, embodying the essence of the title.

Jaime’s creative journey shines through every detail of “Democracy.” The sculpture was meticulously modelled in clay at true human scale, then cast in ceramic paste. Its journey continued with a 15-hour firing in a wood kiln, handcrafted by the artist. The result is an exquisite yet fragile masterpiece, a reminder of the transient nature of existence.

Uncover the layers of meaning within “Democracy” at Galeria Resistência. Immerse yourself in the dialogue between vulnerability and strength, democracy and artistry.

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Dimensions 50 × 45 × 165 cm