Let the “Wave” Slate Sculpture by Jaime Carvalho bring the tranquil movement of ocean waves into your space. Discover it at Galeria Resistência.


Immerse yourself in the rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean with the captivating “Wave” Slate Sculpture, an artistic marvel crafted by Jaime Carvalho. Fashioned from a single slate slab, this sculpture captures the essence of the sea’s eternal dance.

Jaime Carvalho’s artistic mastery shines through in this exquisite piece, currently on display at Galeria Resistência in Lisbon. The slate slab comes to life under his skillful hands, evoking the raw power and serene beauty of ocean waves.

As you gaze upon the “Wave” sculpture, you’ll feel the movement of the sea frozen in time. The meticulously carved details echo the intricate patterns of water, bringing the essence of the ocean into your space. The slate’s natural texture adds depth and dimension to the sculpture, enhancing its tactile appeal.

With a profound dedication to portraying the sea’s allure, Jaime Carvalho’s diverse range of materials, from marble to wood and metal, converges in this homage to the waves. Each stroke of the sculptor’s chisel breathes life into the slate, inviting you to connect with the untamed spirit of the sea.